{{InfoboxPairing | image = Violetta_and_Tomás.jpg | shipped = Tomas Heredia and Violetta Castillo | status = Friends/Crush | rivals = Leonetta, Tomcesca, Tomila | portrayed = Pablo Espinosa and Martina Stoessel Tomletta (Tom/as and Vio/letta) is the romantic pairing between Tomas Heredia and Violetta Castillo. The two first met when Violetta fell and Tomas managed to catch her, stopping her fall.


In the first episode Violetta returned to Argentina. She was bored by her new life so she escaped from her house. While she was walking, it started raining. She tried to run back to her house, but she slipped in a puddle. Tomas, who was standing beneath a tree, saw her. He raced forward and caught her.

Other namesEdit

  • Tomoletta (Tom/as and Vi/oletta)
  • Vomas (V/ioletta and T/omas)


  • Both like each other, but they can be broken by Leon and Ludmila.
  • Both have a time living in Madrid, Spain.
  • Both are friends with Maxi and Francesca.
  • Both hate Gregorio.
  • Both are good peoples.
  • Both can play piano, the only differents that most the time Tomas plays the guitar.
  • Both attend on the same Studio.
  • Both are new on the Studio 21.
  • Both have a big passion for the music.


  • This pairing could be broken up mainly by Leon and Ludmila.
  • Martina Stoessel and Pablo Espinosa both shipped Tomletta in real-life.
  • Tomas wrote "The Only One I See" for Violetta.
  • The first Tomletta song was "I Love You".
  • Tomas is the first boy that Violetta has met in Buenos Aires.