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name =Potty John Darth Duncan | image=Good-luck-charlie-seaso-3-promo-pics-03.jpg | caption= PJ's main portrait for Season 3. | gender =Male | born = born November 6, 1993 (age: 19) 16-17 (Season 1)
17-18 (Season 2
18-19 (Season 3)
19-20 (season 4 ) | height= 5'8" | nationality=United States | hometown=Denver, Colorado | profession=Busboy/Cashier | band =PJ and the Vibe | pband=Guitar/Leader | major= | affiliations=Kwikki Chikki (quit or fired) | signature= | parents=Amy Duncan
Bob Duncan | siblings=Teddy Duncan
Gabe Duncan
Charlie Duncan
Toby Duncan | grandparents=Frank Duncan (paternal)
Linda Duncan (paternal)
Hank Blankenhooper (maternal)
Petunia Blankenhooper (maternal) | spouses = | children= | friends =Emmett Heglin
Jimmy (formerly) | loveinterests=see Relationships | pets = | title1=Uncles | other1=Mel Duncan (great-uncle) | title2=Great-Grandparents | other2=Patrick John Duncan (Named after) | title3= | other3= | title4= | other4= | first ="Study Date" | portray =Jason Dolley
Eric Allan Kramer (as adult PJ in Double Whammy) | image2 = | caption2= | image3 = | caption3=|age = 19}}

PJ Duncan (Jason Dolley) is the eldest of the Duncan children. He and Teddy Duncan often fight, although they care about each other, and he usually gets along well with his younger brother, Gabe Duncan. He often appears awkward, somewhat careless and childish, but on numerous occasions has been known to be resourceful, creative and intelligent. Also, he has also been shown to be a good cook, and Bob Duncan once tricked Amy Duncan (who isn't a very good cook) into working later so that PJ Duncan would cook. He and his best friend, Emmett Heglin have their own band entitled "PJ and the Vibe". PJ Duncan occasionally uses his younger sister, Charlie Duncan for his personal gain like when he uses her to make big tips while working for Kwikki Chikki by saying that his mother, Amy Duncan was ill in the hospital when she actually she works there. He dated Teddy Duncans friend and ex-girlfriend of Spencer Walsh. Skyler who has the same type of scatterbrain he has, but they broke up in PJ in The City, birth certificate, resulting in the legal name of "Potty John" instead of the intended "Patty John". Despite Bob Duncan trying to correct this in the Season 2 episode Can you Keep A Secret he accidentally changed the intended name to "PP Duncan" instead. In Season 3 PJ Duncan moves out of the Duncan house and into an apartment shared with Emmett Heglin