Emma Ross
Vital statistics
Position Daughter
Age 15
Status Single
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

 "Emma" Ross is the oldest of the Ross kids and the only biological child of Morgan and Christina Ross. She is a nice and a happy 15 year old girl with a passion for fashion.

She is portrayed by Peyton List.


Emma was born on April 19,1998, and is the only biological child in the Ross family. In the first episode, we meet her as the girly, pretty and oldest kid in the Ross family, but certainly not the smartest. A little boy crazy, she is obsessed with clothes and shoes, and usually has "problems" with her wardrobe. She often gets into fights with her slightly younger brother, Luke, but they do get along sometimes.


Emma is a girly, sweet, and very fashionable teenage girl. And though she is a bit of an airhead, she strives to do her best with everything she does. She is a straight 'A' student. She also displays a little bit of sass in everything she does. Emma has a very good sisterly bond with her sister Zuri, but usually fights with Luke and occasionally Ravi. She is assumed to be a Directioner (Some one who likes One Direction) Because on a few occasions she brings up the band, either in random conversation, or a dream.


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Emma has long, blonde, straight hair and brown eyes. She has pale, creamy skin and is pretty tall for her age. She likes girly clothes and is very beautiful. She sometimes curls her hair. She normally wears her hair down, but sometimes also wears it up. She wears glasses in some episodes, suggesting she may be wearing contacts most of the time.


Jessie PrescottEdit

(2011-Present; Nanny) Emma and Jessie seem to have the closest relationship in the family, most likely because they are close in age. Although Emma gets mad at her often for not understanding her, she loves Jessie very much, as though she is her sister.

Luke RossEdit

(2004-Present; Brother) Luke is Emma's younger adopted brother. They have the classical brother-sister relationship, they tend to fight and argue a lot, but love each other very much.

Ravi RossEdit

(2011-Present; Brother) Emma and Ravi, along with Luke, often form a trio. Not much is said about how close they are individually.

Zuri RossEdit

(2005-Present; Sister) Zuri is Emma's younger sister. She loves Zuri very much and enjoys having tea parties with her.In season 2 they don't hang out that much.


(2013-Present; Boyfriend) Caleb and Emma first met in GI Jessie. They are dating.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • Emma is the only biological child of the Ross family.
  • Emma revealed she has a huge crush on Jordan Taylor.
  • The role of Emma was originally named "Annabel".
  • Emma is the only Ross child to not appear in an episode. (Creepy Connie Comes a Callin' and World Wide Web of Lies)
  • In an alternate future, Emma apparently discovers time travel and has her face carved to replace the Statue of Liberty's (The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day)
  • Her full name is revealed to be Emilia Avery Ross in Ghost Bummers.
  • She (and Zuri) were upset - even crying, when Jessie and Tony broke up, showing she is a strong Tessie shipper. (Break-Up and Shape-Up)
  • Emma is a fan of One Direction.
  • She is dating Caleb. (Darla's brother)