PJ Duncan

PJ Duncan Is the oldest of the Duncan children. He has a Sister called Teddy Duncan, A brother called Gabe Duncan, a sister called Charlie Duncan and a brother called Toby Duncan.

Teddy Duncan is the 2nd oldest. She Has 3 brothers called PJ Duncan, Gabe Duncan and Toby Duncan. She also has a sister called Charlie Duncan.

Gabe Duncan

Gabe Duncan is the middle child. He has a very unsmart brother called PJ Duncan. A Strait-A sister called Teddy Duncan. A younger sister called Charlie Duncan. And a baby brother called Toby Duncan

Charlie Duncan

Charlie Duncan is The youngest sister and cares about her brother Toby Duncan.She also has 3 more siblings called PJ Duncan, Teddy Duncan, Gabe Duncan and Toby Duncan.

Toby Duncan

Toby Duncan is the youngest Of the Duncan children. Amy and Bob said he will be the last Duncan child. He Has 4 siblings called Teddy Duncan, PJ Duncan, Gabe Duncan and Charlie Duncan