Captain Strechy

Captain Strechy

Captain Stretchy is a "superhero" PJ met in Baby Come Back the second episode of Good Luck Charlie. He helped them in finding Emma after PJ mixed up the babies at the park while taking Charlie on a stroll in the park. Also, he is known to make a lot of mistakes. Captain Stretchy isn't all that strechy, and his logo came off at the dry cleaners. He once saw a coin, and he leaned over to pick it up, but he couldn't.

It is also heard in this episode that Captain Stretchy fell into a fruit punch bowl at Emma's brother's party. We can tell that he is very lazy.


Baby Come Back

Backround Information

Captain Stretchy has lost his logo in the dry cleaners. It is confirmed that Captain Stretchy is not a superhero.

Captain Stretchy a fruit punch bowl at Emma's brother's party.

Captain Stretchy has a drivers licence.