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Good Luck Charlie - 1x02 (Baby Come Back)

Good Luck Charlie - 1x02 (Baby Come Back)

Baby Come Back S01 E02

Teddy convinces Amy and Bob to go on a date to keep their minds off Charlie, so the kids have to babysit her. However, PJ takes her to the park and accidentally swaps strollers with a girl named Emma (who has an identical stroller) So the kids along with Captain Stretchy, a child's birthday entertainer, scour the city for Emma and Charlie. Meanwhile, Amy is worried about Charlie at a restaurant, where Emma and her family (and Charlie) also happen to be eating!

End Credits Captain Stretchy and Gabe are in the park. Gabe shows him his quarter and egg trick which he previously tried unsuccessfully earlier in the episode. However, when he cracks the egg, he drops the quarter into Captain Stretchy's palm, which had been "inside the egg." Captain Stretchy, amazed, asks how he did that, and Gabe bribes him for a new video game. Captain Stretchy pays him, and Gabe walks off and says, "What a chump", without telling him how the trick was done.